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Customized toolboxes for medicinal chemists
Nov 08 2022

SpiroChem Collections

Customized toolboxes for medicinal chemists

SpiroChem is committed to innovation and to accelerating your projects. Our organic and medicinal chemists have designed a panel of SpiroKits, made of a selection of high added-value molecules, to meet specific medicinal chemistry issues, foster chemical space exploration and support novelty.

SpiroKits are toolboxes specifically designed to provide turnkey solutions to medicinal chemists.

- SPK1 focuses on pKa-tuned amines
- SPK2 is dedicated to sp2 to sp3 switch
- SPK3 compiles smart constrained amino acids
- SPK4 offers azaspiro[3.3]heptane derivatives as 6-mb ring surrogates
- SPK5 includes bicyclic diamines as piperazine surrogates
NEW in 2022:

All measured pKas are available for SPK1

- SPK6 provides constrained hindered amino alcohol derivatives
- SPK7 delivers bicyclic amino ketones as precursors of amino piperidine surrogates
- SPK8 will focus on Fmoc amino acids
Important information: all compounds are in stock and can be delivered fast!

We will be happy to support your projects.
For more information, please contact Laurence Jung at laurence.jung@spirochem.com.


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