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Constrained amino acids
SpiroKit 3: Constrained N-Boc amino acids

Why SpiroKit 3?

The side chain topography of amino acids represents a crucial structural feature in drug design and constraining the side chain dihedral angles limits conformational flexibility. This makes constrained N-Boc amino acids highly diverse elements for SAR campaigns, integral components of peptidomimetic drugs and invaluable motifs to improve potency, selectivity and ADME properties.

SpiroKit 3: Constrained N-Boc amino acids

Offered subsets

SPIROKIT 3a: Constrained N-Boc α,α-disubstituted amino acids with lipophilic side chain

A selection of 11 N-Boc protected constrained α,α-disubstituted amino acids with modulated lipophilic side chain.

Catalog ID Compounds Amount (each) Price
SPK3a 11 100mg CHF 1.750 USD 1.959
250mg CHF 2.500 USD 2.799
500mg CHF 3.270 USD 3.669
1000mg CHF 4.350 USD 4.879

A selection of 7 constrained N-Boc amino esters with an exit vector on the side chain optimal to create a 3D conformationnally restricted scaffold with 3 functionalizable handles.

Catalog ID Compounds Amount (each) Price
SPK3b 7 100mg CHF 1.700 USD 1.909
250mg CHF 2.900 USD 3.259
500mg CHF 4.300 USD 4.839
1000mg CHF 6.120 USD 6.879

A diversified selection of 13 proline analogs considering bridged rings, fused rings and ring size variation.

Catalog ID Compounds Amount (each) Price
SPK3c 13 100mg CHF 1.660 USD 1.859
250mg CHF 2.820 USD 3.159
500mg CHF 4.230 USD 4.749
1000mg CHF 6.340 USD 7.109

A selection of 10 N-Boc protected constrained β-amino acids

Catalog ID Compounds Amount (each) Price
SPK3d 10 100mg CHF 3.440 USD 3.859
250mg CHF 5.850 USD 6.559
500mg CHF 8.770 USD 9.839
1000mg CHF 13.150 USD 14.749

A selection of 8 N-Boc protected spiro acid derivatives considering length and angle variation between the two handles.

Catalog ID Compounds Amount (each) Price
SPK3е 8 100mg CHF 1.920 USD 2.159
250mg CHF 2.980 USD 3.339
500mg CHF 4.470 USD 5.009
1000mg CHF 6.900 USD 7.739
SpiroKit 3: Constrained N-Boc amino acids

More Information

To receive more information about the SpiroKits, please contact Laurence Jung, PhD: laurence.jung@spirochem.com


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