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3D Scaffolds
3D Scaffolds

Scaffold design is in the DNA of SpiroChem.

Our first spirocycles were originally thought of as isosteres of more common rings (morpholine -> spiromorpholines, piperazine -> spiropiperazines etc.) to be used classical medicinal chemistry programs such as Structure-Activity Relationship studies, ADME optimization.

But they were also demonstrated to be very useful for scaffold-hopping strategies. Many of our scaffolds bring an extra degree of rigidity that can be useful to reduce the entropy. We have seen data showing that classical scaffolds bearing exit vectors can be replaced by spirocyclic cores. And if the overlap is not perfect, it should not stop you! Because of the nature of spirocycles, it is possible to fine-tune their geometrical properties to access almost any possible set of dihedral angles and distance between each exit vector, simply by playing with the size of each ring and their substitution pattern. And this can be done in every direction! Spirocycles are three-dimensional scaffolds!!!


Single scaffold, infinite possibilities.

With this, we quickly realized that spirocycles, and later other classes of bicycles that we have developed, can offer much more! They are very powerful tools for chemical space expansion. Think about it. We see each new scaffold as a door to unchartered chemical and property space. And we have the key. In particular, our compact scaffolds allow for multiple exit vectors to explore a virtually infinite number of dihedral angle combinations. It is therefore natural that they attracted the attention of library designers, looking for efficient ways to build a diversity set of screening compounds. Our scaffolds are now used to design new fragments to populate our unique Fragment Library. Our scaffolds have also been included in a number of DNA-encoded libraries, and we will share more info about it soon.


Single scaffold, infinite possibilities.

At SpiroChem we work with structurally complex, rigid and three-dimensional scaffolds every day! We have an internal R&D program to develop novel scaffolds on a continuous basis. And because we have spent years learning, developing and mastering new synthetic methods to access these scaffolds, we have a good idea of what works and what does not. This allows us to be much more efficient when we are faced with new synthetic challenges.

We know how to make our products, and how to modulate them, so we can assist you in the design and synthesis of analogs to fully explore and exploit the potential of our scaffolds. We have enabled the chemistry, let’s apply it to your project!

Need Scaffold-hopping? Bio-isosteric switch strategy? Scaffolds for chemical diversity expansion? Tractable chemical spaces to explore? Think SpiroChem!

3D Scaffolds

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