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Welcome to the SpiroWebinars.

Our concept: a group of passionate chemists gathers for an hour-long experience - a journey into the future of chemistry and discovery.

In this SpiroWebinars Autumn Series (Pushing Boundaries), we will be covering a topic that keeps us all awake at night: how to construct better molecules with better properties?

Get to know us

Get to know us.

Prof. Daniele Leonori

PhD, Professor at the University of Manchester

Dr. Quentin Lefebvre, PhD

PhD, Research Chemist at SpiroChem and expert in photoredox catalysis, among other things

PhD Benjamin Perry

PhD, Senior Discovery Manager at Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) and Scientific Advisor of SpiroChem

Prof. Dr. Richmond Sarpong University of California, Berkeley

Professor at the University of California, Berkeley

At what time?


Prof. Daniele Leonori – October 7th

Pushing boundaries: Photoinduced Assembly of C-N and C-C bonds

Dr. Quentin Lefebvre, PhD – October 21st

Pushing boundaries: New methodologies and enabling technologies to decorrelate structural complexity from synthetic accessibility

PhD Benjamin Perry – November 4th

Pushing boundaries: Design of highly 3D libraries and case studies

Prof. Dr. Richmond Sarpong – November 25th

Pushing boundaries: Break-it-to-Make-it Strategies for Chemical Synthesis Inspired by Complex Natural Products

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Next Speaker

PhD Benjamin Perry

Ben Perry is currently Senior Discovery Manager at Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), where he is responsible for Discovery Open Innovation. At DNDi he has led the NTD Drug Discovery Booster since inception, and has been involved with the conception and implementation of several other initiatives focused on leishmaniasis and Chagas disease drug discovery at DNDi, including the Open Synthesis Network and the MycetOS projects. Prior to joining DNDi, Ben spent 15 years in various medicinal chemistry roles at Celltech (UK), UCB (UK; Belgium), Addex Therapeutics (Switzerland) and Genkyotex (Switzerland).

He has worked extensively in early-stage drug discovery across a variety of disease indications including oncology, autoimmune disorders, neurodegeneration and psychiatry.
His areas of research interest include the use of chemoinformatic and computational tools within medicinal chemistry, alternative research mechanisms, and the use of new technologies and research collaborations to further the drug discovery process. Ben holds a PhD in organic chemistry from Imperial College London and a MBA from IE Business School, Madrid.



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