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SpiroChem featured in Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry IV
Oct 08 2021


SpiroChem featured in Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry IV

SpiroChem was invited to contribute to one of the volumes of Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry IV focusing on “Four-membered Heterocycles, and all Fused Systems with a Four-membered Heterocyclic Ring”. This type of work is aligned with SpiroChem’s philosophy of sharing knowledge and our commitment to supporting discovery chemistry by removing (or lowering) synthetic hurdles. We explored and referenced the prior art around “Other Fused Azetidines, Azetines and Azetes”. We reviewed synthetic efforts toward these valuable motifs, many of which played a role in SpiroChem’s success. Additionally, we highlighted some representative theoretical studies on these systems and key structural data.

We hope this will be a source of inspiration for synthetic and medicinal chemists. Enjoy reading!

Available here.


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