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Rosental area, WRO-1047-3
Mattenstrasse 24
4058 Basel, Switzerland

Tel: + 41 61 685 95 00
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SpiroChem - Tailor-made molecules


Your Partner
For Challenging Chemistry.

We do not shy away from complexity. Tell us your problem and we’ll find a solution.

Your key to successful drug discovery.

Fragment Library

Our designed libraries, with more complex fragments provide excellent entry into drug discovery programs.

Where we are

State-of-the-art facilities
in Basel, Switzerland.

Spirochem opens new state-of-the-art Services and R&D facilities in Basel, Switzerland.

Accelerate your drug discovery programs

Leading expert on bioisosteres.

Diverse library. High quality. Up to KG scale. Late-stage functionalization.

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Our Services

Accelerate your
R&D process.

Our team has undisputable capabilities in the design, synthesis & production of complex small organic molecules and offers assistance on a wide range of chemistry projects. Depending on the complexity of your projects, we provide tailored solutions on Fee for Service or FTE basis.

About Us

The chemistry of the future, today.

We know it’s no easy task to develop the medicines of tomorrow but you can count on us to provide solutions to your problems. Every step of the way.

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tailor-made molecules.
(But remember: this is only the shop window.)

In our wonderworld, very few things are impossible. Our products are designed to facilitate ADME optimization. Explore them now and dive into an ocean of solutions.

Couldn’t find what you were looking for in our catalog?

How about we make it for you!


Any crazy idea
of a new scaffold?

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SpiroChem @ the 8th International Symposium on DNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries

Oct 01 2018

Chengdu, China from 17-19 October, 2018 SpiroChem will be participating to the 8th International Symposium on DNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries, held in Chengdu, China from 17-19 October, 2018. The eve...


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