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Unprecedented scaffolds to speed up your projects
Nov 22 2022

SpiroChem Collections

Unprecedented scaffolds to speed up your projects

SpiroChem is committed to innovation and to accelerating your projects. Our team of chemists have been collaborating with the DEL community to give access to uncharted chemical space through novel multifunctionnalized scaffolds and original capping agents.

At SpiroChem, we design and prepare novel scaffolds with a particular attention to:
  • Diversity
  • Chemical space coverage
  • 3D shape
  • Conformational restriction
  • Sp3-character
  • Number of exit vectors (3 to 4)
  • Protecting groups (DEL compatible, orthogonality)
More than 400 molecules with diverse exit vector and functionalities are available.
NEW in 2022:

novel Fmoc amino acids

Share with us your project needs and we will support you in the design and synthesis of the adequate scaffolds

We will be happy to support your projects.
For more information, please contact Laurence Jung at laurence.jung@spirochem.com.


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