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SpiroChem Fragment Library: Your key to successful drug discovery
Aug 31 2018

New Products & Concept

SpiroChem Fragment Library: Your key to successful drug discovery

Our designed libraries, with more complex fragments (typically 3D small molecules) provide excellent entry into drug discovery programs. Our rationale is that scaffolds with a three-dimensional character may have better affinity and stronger binding to biological targets. This comes from the simple observation that all natural products, i.e. biologically relevant proteins and their ligands, are chiral and three-dimensional.

Explore new chemical space with our premium sp3-enriched fragment libraries.

While it may reduce the number of hits (including false positives), we expect that they will provide higher-quality starting points. SpiroChem designs readily-available sp3-enriched fragment libraries to support Life Sciences companies in exploring new chemical spaces and generating IP-protected starting points for drug design. These libraries are unique and give access to an immense, uncharted chemical space.

Our database already includes over 1000 exclusive compounds specially designed for Fragment-Based drug discovery and we are constantly synthesizing new ones.

Fragment evolution programs:

Scale up of fragment, introduction of exit vectors, points of derivatization documented and communicated, synthetic tractability

Fragment diversity:

>250 original Murko scaffolds available

Novel design:

>50 original fragments synthesized monthly sp3-enriched

SpiroChem’s FBL libraries (yellow and red) vs FBL libraries of other providers
Tired of the same commercial libraries with flat scaffolds?
Try our new sp3-enriched fragment library!


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