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Expertise of the month: SpiroChem collection of sp<sup>3</sup>-rich fragments
Mar 30 2021

Expertise of the month

Expertise of the month: SpiroChem collection of sp3-rich fragments

3D fragments are increasingly being considered as complementary to their 2D counterparts and as crucial components to improve pharmacophore coverage and solubility, leading to better starting points for lead generation. They are also considered as useful for identifying hits for challenging targets and unpredictable secondary sites.

At SpiroChem, we use our in-house knowledge and expertise to design novel sp3-rich fragments with high 3D diversity shape.

  • +700 molecules in stock
  • Unique design
  • Conformationally restricted structures
  • QC certified by NMR

What we guarantee:

Hit Validation Phase

  • Fragment re-supply
  • Fragment scale-up
  • Quick access to close analogs

Hit Expansion Phase

  • Ability to introduce diverse exit vectors and functionalities
  • Fast generation of relevant SAR data

From one SpiroChem fragment, you can get access to expanded analogs with a wide range of 3D shapes.


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