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SpiroChem @ 4 major events in April
Mar 2024


SpiroChem @ 4 major events in April

Find out about the 4 major events that SpiroChem's team will be participating in this April. Reach out to schedule a meeting with us. Delving into your project's details and exploring possible development avenues excites us. We look forward to engaging with you and exploring the latest progress in drug discovery.

Drug Discovery Chemistry

Bringing together over 900 experts from more than 25 countries, Drug Discovery Chemistry is the place to be for discussing hot topics such as macrocycles, covalent inhibitors and degraders.
Please, feel free to visit us at booth #209 to learn more on SpiroChem’s screening libraries (fragments, covalent fragments, macrocycles) and discuss how we could bring support to your H2L and Lead Optimization programs.

Thomas Fessard, PhD – CEO
Gerhard Müller, PhD – CSO

EFMC-ACSMEDI Medicinal Chemistry Frontiers 2024 // Joint Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

The 2024 EFMC-ACSMEDI Medicinal Chemistry symposium is a pivotal gathering for experts in drug discovery. Thanks to strong strategic partnerships, SpiroChem is now offering integrated Medicinal Chemistry projects. Please, feel free to visit us at booth #1 to discuss how we could support you the best.

Florent Beaufils, PhD – COO
Sylvain Blanc, PhD – Research Chemist
Davide Deodato, PhD – Research Chemist

40th SCI Process Development Symposium

The SCI Process Development Symposium is dedicated to scaling up synthetic processes from laboratory research through to commercial production, integrating synthetic organic chemistry with process technology and chemical engineering.
With an impressive track records, SpiroChem is a key partner for Route Scouting activities. Please, feel free to make a stop at booth #15 to discuss your project needs with SpiroChem’s leaders of the Early PR&D division.

Roman Lagoutte, PhD – Director of Early PR&D
Alec Morrison, PhD – Group Leader
Hanusch Grab, PhD – Project Manager
Laurence Jung, PhD – BD Manager

FICS 2024 – French International Chemistry Symposium

The 3rd National FICS organized by the French Chemical Society's Industrial Chemistry Division gathers scientists involved in sustainable chemistry from industrial companies spanning a wide range of applications (pharmaceutics, agrochemicals, perfumes, etc). Roman Lagoutte, PhD, director of Early PR&D at SpiroChem will give a talk focusing on the importance of Route Scouting to identify sustainable routes for molecules of interest.

Roman Lagoutte, PhD, speaker – Director of Early PR&D

Reach out to arrange a meeting to discuss current hot topics in the field of drug discovery.

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