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New Kids on the SpiroBlock.
Oct 20 2011

New Products & Concept

New Kids on the SpiroBlock.

Dear Colleagues,

SpiroChem is proud to present its autumn collection of new products.

Two series of novel thia-azaspiro[3.4]octanes were added to our catalog. These new SpiroBlocks were developed by the Carreira group at ETH-Zürich.(1) The authors « reasoned that the inclusion of a heteroatom, such as sulfur, particularly in its oxidized state, at different positions of the spirocycle would serve to generate uncharted spiro-[3.4]octanes that intuitively resemble “drug-like” fragments ».

These products will open new avenues for medicinal chemists who want to explore unchartered chemical space. The two exit vectors offer a diversity of 3-dimentional shapes and will surely find their place in every medicinal chemist’s tool box.

Contact us for information and prices.(2)


Your SpiroChem Team

(1) Li, D. B.; Rogers-Evans, M.; Carreira, E. M. Org. Lett. 2011, ASAP.

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