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Expertise of the month: Scaffolds and capping agents diversity
Feb 26 2021

Expertise of the month

Expertise of the month: Scaffolds and capping agents diversity

At SpiroChem, to expand the limits of the known and bring innovation to the DEL community, we design and prepare novel scaffolds with a particular attention to:

  • Diversity
  • Chemical space coverage
  • 3D shape
  • Conformational restriction (ex : bicycloalkane, BCPs, spiro derivative, fused cycles...)
  • Sp3-character
  • Number of exit vectors (3 to 4)
  • Protecting groups (DEL compatible, orthogonality)

We offer a very diversified set of capping agents with valuable intrinsic properties. They enable fast generation of smart focused libraries of hundreds of compounds which, after testing, will provide valuable early SAR (Structure-Activity Relationship).

Thanks to the design of the core scaffolds and the selection of the capping agents, the generated hits have already advanced properties and hopefully will require less follow-up chemistry and optimization than hits obtained after classical HTS campaigns.


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