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Development and commercialization of novel fluorinated products.
May 05 2013

New Products & Concept

Development and commercialization of novel fluorinated products.

SpiroChem and Catylix are proud to annouce their new strategic partnership for the development and commercialization of novel fluorinated products. based on the patented technology developed by Prof. John Hartwig.

Novel fluoroalkylated building blocks as well as custom synthesis services for late-stage fluoroalkylation are now available from SpiroChem.

Novel Fluorinated Building Blocks

Dear Colleagues,

SpiroChem is pleased to present a new range of fluorinated building blocks available through a strategic alliance with Catylix Inc. This new range of pyridines / pyrimidines includes the classical -CF3 group and the more innovative and challenging -CHF2, -CF2CF3 and -CF2CF2CF3 groups.

These building blocks will offer new opportunities to discovery chemists for the optimization of physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties. Their novelty also provides access to new intellectual property domains.

Besides including these products on our catalog, we also offer custom synthesis services using Catylix’s technology for late-stage introduction of unusual fluorinated groups on your scaffolds or design of novel building blocks of interest to your projects.

About the products and technology:

Prof. Hartwig’s Trifluoromethylator® is a shelf-stable, easy-to-use reagent allowing facile trifluoromethylation reactions of aryl and vinyl iodides at ambient conditions with an exceptional substrate range and functional group compatibility.

These products and technology nicely complement our range of building blocks designed to improve properties of drug candidates and secure new intellectual property domains. We keep adding new products to our range of small rings (oxetanes, azetidines, thietanes, cyclobutanes) and spirocycles. We also have kilograms of oxetan-3-one in stock (purity >99%) and the ability to produce more with excellent lead times. We produce thietan-3-one on multi-hundred gram scale.

Contact us for more information on our building blocks and custom synthesis services.


Your SpiroChem Team

About Catylix, Inc.:

Catylix was founded by Professor John Hartwig, Dr. David Rozzell, and Dr. Brian Adger to develop better methods for producing biologically-active compounds with improved pharmacokinetic properties. The company’s first product is a new, shelf-stable reagent for trifluoromethylation, allowing the derivatization of a broad range of compounds with a CF3 group under mild conditions.

The ultimate goal is to provide the best methods for broadening the scope of compounds available for medicinal, veterinary and agrochemical applications.


About SpiroChem AG:

SpiroChem is a swiss fine chemicals company active in the field of high-value-added building blocks for the pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and materials industries. SpiroChem designs, synthesizes and commercializes a large range of oxetane-, azetidine-, spirocycle-containing molecules for use in drug discovery. SpiroChem also offers custom synthesis services to help you accelerate your R&D programs. SpiroChem products are designed to provide new synthetic tools with improved properties to discovery chemists in the industry and help them accelerate R&D activities and carve new intellectual property domains.

SpiroChem is an ETH-ZĂĽrich spin-off and Prof. Erick M. Carreira is a co-founder. Visit www.spirochem.com for more details on our products and services.


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