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Cold-labeling and Stable isotopes
Apr 25 2019

New Products & Concept

Cold-labeling and Stable isotopes

The synthesis of isotope-labeled material is a challenging task due to the scarcity of labelled raw material and their cost. It often requires the design of new synthetic routes and strategies, starting from commercially-available isotopically-enriched starting material. Efficient syntheses are required to access sufficient quantities in reasonable costs. Deuterium- and 13C -enriched products are used as reference standards for the quantification of substances. Typically, analogues with a molecular weight of M+4 and above are used to calibrate and quantify substances in biological samples for pharmacokinetic studies.

At SpiroChem, we only work with non-radioactive material (cold labeling). We have a track record of success in the syntheses of labeled material and reference standards. Due to our unique expertise in chemistry, our chemists are able to design efficient synthetic routes that can later be applied (by our clients or specialized third party providers) to 3H- and 14C-labeling.

Deuterium is the smallest bioisostere of hydrogen and can serve to increase the half-life of drug candidates (deuterium effect). SpiroChem, as a word-leading expert in bioisosteric switch strategies, has obviously a lot of experience in the field and we master all the techniques of the trade!

SpiroChem Services:

  • Synthesis of deuterium-labeled analogues for IP coverage and ADME optimization
  • Synthesis of reference standards
  • Design of news synthetic routes that are amenable to radio-isotopically-labeled synthesis
    Cold-labeling and Stable isotopes

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