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Artificial Intelligence platforms to increase innovation and speed in drug discovery
Sep 18 2020

Press Release

Artificial Intelligence platforms to increase innovation and speed in drug discovery

Basel/Geneva, 18th Sept 2020

Swiss government grant to support the development of new Artificial Intelligence platforms in synthetic chemistry awarded to SpiroChem AG and the BiTeM group at the HEG / HES-SO in Geneva.

With the support of the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse, SpiroChem AG in Basel, a World leading organic/synthetic chemistry innovator in the life science industry, has joined forces with the BiTeM group at HES-SO in Geneva to develop Artificial Intelligence-based platforms to enhance chemistry innovation and chemical synthesis efficiency.

The aim of the AI-platform is to expand the current accessible chemical space and reduce costs and development time to reach the clinic for new chemical entities. The partners will build on and extend recent advances in deep learning to provide effective solutions for virtual synthesis of new molecules.

SpiroChem AG is a fast-growing organic chemistry innovator with a team over 50 handpicked talents and experts covering all areas of synthetic/medicinal chemistry. The company possesses a unique and vast collection of unpublished chemical reaction data in relevant new chemical spaces.

The BiTeM group at HEG / HES-SO in Geneva leverages the expertise and experience in national and European scientific projects in which it has developed novel data science methods for processing and analysing life science data in collaboration with industry partners.


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