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A word from Dr. Thomas Fessard, CEO @ SpiroChem.
Aug 21 2018

Press Release

A word from Dr. Thomas Fessard, CEO @ SpiroChem.

When it comes to innovation, not even Basel’s soaring temperatures can stop us. It has been a hot summer so far and we have hot news coming!

We aspire to continuously expand our offer. That is why we constantly reshape and revisit our product lines and services in order to help you accelerate your drug discovery programs. Our elite team of chemists are wired to tackle challenges, pushing the frontiers of chemistry to develop solutions, supporting you every step of the way.


Since the inception of SpiroChem in 2011, we have been developing creative chemistry to quench your thirst for novel chemical space exploration. More recently, the ever-growing demand for our catalogue products has fueled our activity on unchartered chemical space - notably on Fragment-Based Libraries (FBL) and DNA-Encoded Libraries (DEL).

The goal is for our news scaffolds and building blocks to be used earlier in the discovery pipeline and serve as cornerstones for the design of tomorrow’s medicines. This activity will continue growing in the future. It is really only the tip of the iceberg of a larger R&D effort that we will be sharing with you in due time.


In the next coming months, we will unveil new scientific projects and boost our efforts to communicate new solutions, preferably face to face. Thus, we will be traveling throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Do get in touch to organize a visit in-house.

Additionally, our new internet site will be up and running shortly. Besides being visually appealing, it is designed to help you access our products and services more quickly and efficiently. We want to enhance your experience when browsing through our range of products, making it as interactive as possible. The more feedback /interaction we have from/with you, the more we can support you in your quest for tomorrow’s medicines. Our aim is that every journey through our website brings its share of ideas and inspiration.

To keep informed about our R&D innovations, either visit our internet site regularly or come see us at our next stop - the XXV EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on September 2-6, 2018.

Take another step toward successful drug discovery. Contact us today.


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