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10 Years of

10 Years of science passion dedication innovation solutions creativity

10 Years

Many great things happened
since our beginning in 2011

We share with you 10 of them,
that made us what we are today: Chemistry Leaders



2011 | The Big Bang

Our journey

Year 2011 in Zürich, SpiroChem was founded as an ETH spin-off. Having our roots in one of the most prestigious research centers for Science (in particular chemistry), we were equipped with values that we have been fighting ever since: creativity, hard work and integrity.

The Big Bang


2012 | The Investment


20th November 2012, the same day our CEO became a father for the first time, SpiroChem received the termsheet for its first financing round to support our growth. Unforgettable days that put us on a successful trajectory and enabled us to develop ourselves faster.

The Investment


2012 | The Conference

Making first

BOSS XIII - Leuven, Belgium - Our first conference as exhibitors and our CEO, Thomas Fessard, was the only attendee wearing suit and a tie. He got more relaxed (from a dress code point of view) but the passion and enthusiasm remains the same as on that first conference of ours. Meeting fellow scientists and entrepreneurs is fueling our ability to innovate.

The Conference


2015 | The Signature

Our hard work
paid off

Year 2015, we signed our first FTE contract with a biotech company in North America! This was the beginning of our fruitful collaborations with biotechs, for whom our innovation, speed and quality are important components of their R&D strategy.

The Signature


2016 | The First Patent

Finding solutions
is our job

Our job is to find solutions to problems. Back in 2016, there was no scalable and efficient way to manufacture bicyclo[1.1.1]pentanes. Moreover, this motif was recently (2012) demonstrated to be a novel bio-isosteric replacement to benzenes … which was enough to convince us to take on the challenge. The result: a process patent that shortcuts the existing route by several steps and made its production scalable.

The First Patent


2017 | The Relocation

The epicentre of modern Life Science

In 2017, we relocated the company from Zürich to Basel, leaving a leading intellectual center of excellence to what is arguably the most vibrant Life Science Hub in continental Europe, home of the Swiss pharmaceutical industry for over a century. The move took us to the Rosental area, where fully equipped research laboratories, ample space to expand and a great network of scientists allowed us to accelerate our growth.

The Relocation


2018 | The Fingers

When 1
becomes 20

What began with a small handful of passionate chemists slowly grew into a larger team. At the end of 2018, the SpiroTeam counted 20 employees, most of which are chemistry experts who shared the same passion: solving problems in chemistry. 20 individuals that created the spirit, energy and strength that SpiroChem projected on the outside.

The Fingers


2019 | New Horizons

The land of
the rising sun

After time period of strategic market penetration in Japan, we successfully signed our first FTE contract with a Japanese client. This contract demonstrated that our focus on innovation and quality was the right choice. And this was only the beginning…

New Horizons


2020 | The Hands

When 20
become 50

Since 2018, our team expanded in size but the spirit within the company remained the same. Carefully selected top notch chemists in a profound interview process, where deep scientific knowledge, creativity and team spirit are evaluated. Each new addition is bringing a new set of complementary skills, while our company spirit and values must remain strong.

The Hands


2021 | The Decade

10 years
of excellence

The Year 2021 marks the first decade for SpiroChem. We kept on our growth path and passed the 60-employee mark and established leadership on the elite segment of the discovery chemistry. Our best-in-class skills and track record of success are the evidence that our decision to focus for quality and creativity was right. Now with over 60 employees and top-notch scientists, we are well set for success in the next decade. A big thank you to our passionate chemists, dedicated employees, supportive advisors, and anyone who made this venture a success.

The Decade
Let's celebrate

Our 10th


This celebration extends to all new and old collaborators, partners, clients and groups that supported our work through our ten years.

A huge thank you to all of you!

Thank You!

Thank you to
everyone who
made it possible

Thank You
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