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Molecule of the Week

Take a closer look at our Bicyclo[x.y.z]alkanes

Available at SpiroChem


SpiroChem are leading the field of cage molecules and we have the largest collection of these. We offer a comprehensive toolbox and the full portfolio of angles between exit vectors on our cage molecules, from linear such as [1.1.1], [2.2.2], cubane to bent ([2.1.1], etc.).

We have been developing them for the last 6 years and pioneered the concept of bent cages back since 2015, where one of the bridges is longer than the others, as mimics of benzenes with meta-substitution pattern.

Figure 1. Rationale for the development of implementation of the bicyclo[x.y.z]alkanes

Available at SpiroChem


Many analogues and derivatives are available from stock or can be made rapidly on demand. We have worked hard to make those available on scale, and we have already produced those on 100s of gram, kilograms and beyond.


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