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Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

Contracting FTEs (experienced chemists).

What do we mean by FTE at SpiroChem? We usually work on FTE-based contract research for long-term R&D Projects and/or for the resolution of complex/challenging chemistry problems. We can allocate specific teams of 1 to 6 chemists to your projects.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

Contracting FTEs (experienced chemists).

It is important to know that at SpiroChem, we offer more than just 1 talented chemist working in the lab. Your project will benefit from active management from senior scientists with years of expertise in your field.

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The process

How we proceed.

FTE-based contract research

Solutions tailored to your needs.

Concerted management

Following the kick-off meeting, next steps are mutually agreed upon on weekly TC or email communications. Scope of the project can be adapted at any time during the course of the program.

Intermediate R&D reports are delivered every week. Final report and experimental procedures are delivered at the end of the project (or on demand).

Our chemists are highly qualified (2:1 PHD/master ratio). Sci Finder is available for all SpiroChem employees.

Any and all know-how, trade secrets and inventions developed in the course of the FTE project becomes your sole and absolute property.

You can connect to our web based ELN system, or we can use your personal system.

You have a privileged access to our unique repertoire of bioisosteric replacements

Our staff has been trained to deliver products to > 300 returning customers.

We have track records of successfully delivering on highly complex chemistry projects.

SpiroChem has secured facility with restricted access to fully equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art chemistry equipment.

Our commitments.



IP protection

Problem solving

Timeline adherence

Analytical Equipment.

Structure validation

1H-, 19F-, 31P-, 13C-NMR

Purity assessment

Elementary analysis


Dr. Rajwinder Lehal, chief scientific officer, Cellestia Biotech AG.

SpiroChem has played an instrumental part in Cellestia’s drug discovery and development program, proving to be a reliable partner in delivering quality results in a timely manner… SpiroChem’s innovative and effective work helped us save CHF 0.5 million on the drug development program.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

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