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Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis

Besides SpiroChem’s catalog, which incorporates broad spectrum of molecules (~11’000), we acknowledge your project requirements for products that are not listed in our catalog.

Therefore, we provide our innovative custom synthesis services.

You can provide us with an already established synthetic route, or alternatively, you can rely on our creativity and expertise to develop it for you. After careful analysis of the available literature and utilizing our internal knowledge and know-how, a fee-for-Service (FFS) will be proposed based on the complexity of your request.

For larger and complex projects we recommend a FTE (Full Time Equivalent) contract in order to create a personalized, profound and interactive collaboration.

Either way, we guarantee acceleration of your research and development process, supported by high quality and purity, regular updates on the progress of your project, our commitment, reliability and flexibility.



1. Synthesis Services

SpiroChem AG Offers Custom Services for the design and the synthesis of your target molecules from milligram to kilogram-scale.

2. Feasibility Study

SpiroChem has demonstrated numerous times to be the cutting-edge partner for diverse challenging chemistry projects.

3. FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

Accelerate your research and development process by outsourcing your chemistry at SpiroChem.

4. Our Expertise

We are specialized in the design, synthesis & production of complex small organic molecules & innovative building blocks for use in drug discovery.

IP Protection

Our clients own all generated data & IP.

Our Corporate Policies include confidential agreement with our employees.

Access to our infrastructure is regulated by physical security & badge control.