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Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis

“Beyond catalog products, test our custom synthesis services!”

In 2011, we started SpiroChem as a catalog company providing innovative building blocks for drug discovery, but we quickly realized that the industry was looking for more than just “a gram of powder in a vial”: how about diversification, exemplification, access to new chemical space and patent protection? All of this is challenging and puts pressure on Life Science companies who have limited internal resources and always shorter deadlines.

At SpiroChem, we have years of experience in the chemistry of small compact building blocks. We often had to explore several approaches to make our products, so we know how to make analogs of all our products. Our catalog is just the front window, contact us to explore the full scope of our portfolio and unleash the potential of our products and services to accelerate your R&D.

Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis

Delivering on our customers’ needs is our priority. All our catalog products can be derivatized. Do you need a different protecting group? Or an extra methyl or fluorine group here and there? How about another exit vector to fill this empty pocket or reach that residue? Just ask, and we will find a solution for you.

This is what SpiroChem can do for you. We know our chemistry and we can assist you in adapting any of our products to suit your custom needs. We can also help you introduce those motifs into your candidates, if possible at a late stage.

Any crazy idea of a new scaffold ? No problem, just ask and we will apply our techniques or develop a de novo synthesis if needed, even if the chemistry does not involve spirocycles or oxetanes. We are leading the chemistry service market on the medium-to-high complexity chemistry, and who can do more can do less, contact us to find out more!

Custom Synthesis

1. Synthesis Services

SpiroChem AG Offers Custom Services for the design and the synthesis of your target molecules from milligram to kilogram-scale.

Custom Synthesis

2. Feasibility Study

SpiroChem has demonstrated numerous times to be the cutting-edge partner for diverse challenging chemistry projects.

Custom Synthesis

3. FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

Accelerate your research and development process by outsourcing your chemistry at SpiroChem.

Custom Synthesis

4. Our Expertise

We are specialized in the design, synthesis & production of complex small organic molecules & innovative building blocks for use in drug discovery.


IP Protection

Our clients own all generated data & IP.

Our Corporate Policies include confidential agreement with our employees.

Access to our infrastructure is regulated by physical security & badge control.

Our fields of expertise go beyond Spirocycles:

  • New scaffold design
  • Synthesis of analogs
  • Reference compounds
  • Synthesis of impurities
  • Metabolite identification
  • Scale-up of one of your molecules
  • Natural product synthesis
  • Un-natural amino acids
  • Nucleoside and nucleotide chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry: final products and analogs thereof

Natural product synthesis:

Yes, that’s right, we can also synthesize natural products! Our clients typically come to us for hard-to-source or non-commercially available natural products. They can be simple or more complex, typically 10-15 steps, several chiral centers. This can be for use as a probe in chemical biology, or as a reference compound in medicinal chemistry. We have even made small sets of derivatives for early SAR studies. Depending on the complexity of the molecule, we will quote on a Fee-for-Service or on a FTE basis (visit our section on FTE-based contract research).

Isotopic labeling (2H, 13C):

We can prepare labeled analogs of our building blocks, or of any building block of your custom need. We can also prepare cold-labeled reference compounds to support your Pharmaco-kinetic studies, or to test the deuterium effect on the half-life of your products. This is actually something we love to do. Cold-labeling impose to start with a limited set of reagents, which adds some complexity to the problem and increases the challenge! We have also developed new synthetic routes to prepare for labeling. We demonstrated the synthetic feasibility in the cold series and transferred the project to our clients for isotopic labeling using 3H or 14C.


We have successfully delivered several projects in the field and we have just recruited an expert chemist to strengthen the team knowledge on this topic. The wide background of team members allow us to find custom solution to all problems.

Medicinal Chemistry: final products and analogs thereof

Whether you need the delivery of your test candidate, or a library of analogs, we can support you with our custom synthesis services. For longer projects or larger sets of libraries, we can offer our FTE-based contract research services. We have chemists on board who have years of experience in medicinal chemistry project and custom services.

Synthesis of impurities and/or metabolites

Did you observe impurities generated during your process and you need to characterize them? Or your lead compound shows signs of metabolism in your PK study? We are here to help. By working with you on such a project and analyzing your data, we will hypothesize which impurities/metabolites are present/formed and we will either isolate them (when possible) or develop a synthetic route.