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One of the most commonly used intermediates in medicinal chemistry, acids are used in many programs for the versatility of reactions they can undergo. They are often used for coupling with amines, but can do much more! They can also serve as starting points for the synthesis of heteroaromatic rings such as imidazoles, triazoles, oxazole and more. They can also undergo Frieden-Craft-type additions to form aromatic ketones that can be further developed.

At SpiroChem, we have developed a number of building block series containing acids to allow our clients and colleagues in pharma to easily make use of the chemical diversity of SpiroChem products in their scaffolds decoration and medicinal chemistry programs. We have ranges of acids that can be used as small bio-isosteres of lipophilic acids such as pyvaloic acids. These can serve as useful tools for introducing varied substituents at the periphery of molecules to modulate physicochemical and pharmacokinetic parameters such as lipophilicity, solubility or metabolic stability.

We also have a very diverse range of more complex structures bearing an acid functionality for practical derivatization. Structures can then serve as central fragments. Just to name a few, our spirocyclic series, or our caged carbocyclic series (bicyclo[1.1.1]pentanes, cubanes etc.) often contain at least one acid for easy modification and coupling.Going beyond acids as coupling handles, SpiroChem has also developed series of building blocks for bio-isosteric replacement where the carbonyl group of the acids is replaced by an oxetane. These “pseudo” acids, or oxetanols, lose the acidity of the proton despite retaining the same hydrogen bond donor/acceptor pattern. They could be seen as surrogates for acids to improve certain parameters such as penetration or formation of secondary metabolites. When placed at the C-terminus of peptide chains, these could be seen as “C-capping” analogs. As always, we can do much more than what you can read on these pages or find in our catalog. We can make derivatives of our products, but we can also make novel series to fit your needs on demand, whether it is for scaffold-hoping on specific scaffolds or pure chemical diversity exploration.

Contact us if you want us to prepare special series of acids, or if you want us to help you in the introduction of these acids in your molecules of interest.

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