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Get access to our knowledge.

We share data and information whenever we can to help you chose the right product or select the right set of conditions for a certain type of reaction involving one of our products. Sometimes it is a bit more than just giving a piece of advice and finding a solution to a specific problem may require some more work.


Get access to our knowledge.

In such cases, we can offer our consulting services under a flexible agreement, where you get access to our knowledge at an hourly rate, a daily rate or project-based fee.

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Our consulting services.

Recent examples of such consulting services include:

  • Patent gap analysis and design of general formula to cover chemical space
  • Support for patent filing
  • Retrosynthetic analysis of a complex molecule (such as a natural product) prior to starting a full-fledged FTE-based contract research program at SpiroChem
  • Analysis of SAR results and set up of screening cascade before initiating a Medicinal Chemistry program
  • Literature analysis

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